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In 2018, the Governing Boards of Old Hall and Mary Elliot entered into a formal partnership, and created a federation.

Benefits include:

  • Joint vision for education of those with additional and complex learning needs

  • Broader and better curriculum offer

  • Increase in leadership capacity

  • More professional development for staff through sharing best practice and shared experience

  • Efficient use of human and environmental resources (i.e. joint recruitment, purchasing, service agreements)

  • Hugely impactful in supporting local SEND community

  • Stronger governance through a joint board

All Governors hold office for four years.

The Governors are responsible for:
• Appointment of Staff.
• Administering the School Budget.
• Care and maintenance of the School buildings.
• School Development Plan.
• Formulation of all school policy statements.


Anyone interested in becoming a Governor please contact us for details about when posts are available and for more information.


Should you need to contact the Chair of Governors, please contact either Old Hall or Mary Elliot School directly or email the Clerk at:


Old Hall - Mary Elliot Federation


Y = Attended, N = Apologies Accepted, NA = Apologies not Accepted, NS = No Apologies Sent, ? = Attendance Not Marked, Blank = Not Required





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Governor Type

17 Nov 202017 Mar 202131 Mar 202128 Apr 202126 May 202107 Jul 2021

Miss Jane Anderson

Co-opted governor




Mr Matthew BallHeadteacherYYYYYY
Ms Jay BarrCo-opted governorY YNS Y
Ms Bal BassiCo-opted governorY Y  Y
Miss Ria CrowleyParent governor YYYYY
Ms Kamalijit DanielStaff governorN Y  Y
Ms Suzanne DaviesAssociate MemberYYY YY
Ms Rachael DeeCo-opted governorY Y  Y
Mrs Lesley FosterCo-opted governorYYYYYY
Mrs Angie HowellsCo-opted governorN N  Y
Mrs Rahaya KhatunParent governorYYY YY
Ms Maria KiddCo-opted governorY YNS N
Mr Antony LeeCo-opted governorYYY NY
Mrs Elaine MaherLocal Authority GovernorY NY Y
Miss Amy Male NS     
Mrs Dawn Sucevic Y     
Mrs Tracy TandyAssociate MemberY Y  Y
Emma ThornberyCo-opted governor  YY Y
Mrs Deborah Wells YYY Y 



Historical Member Records
NameRemoval ReasonRemoval NotesType of GovernorFirst AppointmentFromToLeaving Date
Jayne FarmerNo removal reason Associate Member   23 Jan 2020
Teresa TunnellNo removal reason Co-opted   28 Apr 2020
Mrs Taran KatariaNo removal reason Associate Member 28 Mar 201827 Mar 202211 Jun 2020
Ms Rebecca TalbotNo removal reason Authority 28 Mar 201810 Jul 202129 Jun 2020
Mrs Dawn SucevicNo removal reason Co-opted20 Sep 201728 Mar 201827 Mar 202210 Feb 2021
Miss Amy MaleRemovedFailure to attend meetingsLocal Authority Governor16 Jul 202016 Jul 202015 Jul 202425 Mar 2021
Sandra BeechNo removal reason Other   13 Jul 2021
Mrs Deborah WellsNo removal reason Associate Member1 Jun 20201 Jun 202031 May 202414 Jul 2021